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Abes Drill Tap Chart  v.1.0

Abes Drill Tap Chart is a free Pocket PC program that helps to figure out the correct drill sizes when either tapping or drilling clearance holes for common standard and metric bolt threads. Abes Drill Tap Chart utilizes an XML file to store all

Disk Drill for Mac OS  v.1.0.62

A Mac data recovery software designed natively for Mac OS: easily recover deleted files on Mac from external or internal hard drives, memory cards, etc. CleverFiles Mac Data Recovery also protects data by introducing Recovery Vault to ensure

N/C Drill to G-Code convertor  v.1.0

"ncdr2cnc" - N/C Drill to CNC code (G-Code) is the simple utility, which converts N/C drill files to G-Code files (adopted to Turbo

Password Drill  v.0.1 / 0.1.1 Bet

Password Drill is a tool that lets an user to make use of passwords of ideal complexity and obscurity without writing them down.

Two-Minute Drill  v.1.0

Alright, you just got the two-minute warning.

Arithmetics Drill  v.1.3

Here you can find few small programs I wrote to help my daughter to improve her math

Kana Kanji Drill  v.1.0

A simple application for learning Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

TroubleShooting Drill Tree  v.1.0

Creating a tree to be used to trouble shoot a IT Department helpdesk issues. For Phone, Wireless Phone, Printers, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Common Applications (ie IE, Word, Lotus Notes etc),

Vocabulary Drill  v.1.0

A simple but comprehensive vocabulary trainer written in Python3 and Qt4

JSF Drill Down  v.1.0

Easiest way to build data manipulation interfaces for data stored in relational databases. Just drop the component in you servlet container, provide a relationship mapping file and you have a working interface in no time. For details see our homepage.

ProvaLingua  v.5.2.3

ProvaLingua is a language drill system that can be used for any language. Both vocabulary and grammar drills are included, as well as 'learn while you work' tickers, a matching game, and a reading practice tool. Any language may be used, but the

DALLOW  v.1.0

A friend wanted to drill a 0.

PCLTrack Lite  v.1.0.6

Multi-user bug-tracking and monitoring - unlimited products, programs, categories. Rapid entry of bugs with full drill-down progress monitoring. Unlimited users, products, programs. Fully customizable categories - types, status, priority etc.

MathMatic Junior Edition  v.2.2

Mathmatic is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 through 12. It is dedicated to that unique task and it does it thoroughly. MathMatic generates and prints drill sheets. The user can configure MathMatic's sounds and colors.

ESL1000.exe  v.2.1

1000 word English vocabulary drill for Spanish speakers divided in levels of 100 each and sub-divided into nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions for graduated learning and scoring.

ESLP1000.exe  v.2.1

1000 word English vocabulary drill for Brazillian Portuguse speakers divided in levels of 100 each and sub-divided into nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions for graduated learning and scoring.

Folder Size  v.1.4

Helps you figure out where all that hard drive space has gone on your computer.Visually displays the size of each folder in the form of a bar graphu click a folder bar and it will drill down and show sizes of folders withinu handy utility to haveu

Language Coach  v.1.10

Language Coach expression drill and tutor software is a language teaching program for Windows. Within minutes, Language Coach lets you design lessons for your students to help them practise what they have been learning in class. The students can then

PfQuizzz  v.1.1

PfQuizzz 1.1 is a rather praiseworthy program that helps you learn foreign words with ease. pfQuizzz is a freeware vocabulary trainer for PC, PDA & Mobile. If you need to drill thousands of words to learn a foreign language, this tool is exactly what

ShowMan  v.5.2.8

Program to help recover disk space. Gives pie-chart view of disk usage, including unused space, with the ability to drill down into folders. Shows actual or nominal space occupied. Knows about the effects of cluster sizes. If you want a piechart of

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